Whether you are an employer, a jobsite supervisor or an independent contractor, we offer numerous benefits for many different occupations.


Increase profits with a partner that understands your business!

  • Enjoy speedy access to a network of reliable, high-caliber craftsmen throughout the United States whenever you need them
  • Reduce workers’ compensation exposure and costs
  • Reduce SUTA/unemployment expenditures
  • Reduce administrative costs (payroll, advertising, etc.)
  • Reduce overtime expenses
  • Let us handle wage determination, reporting requirements and certified payroll on prevailing wage jobs
  • Jobsite supervisors

You can be confident that the skilled craftsmen we provide have successfully completed a stringent hiring process that includes:

  • In-depth interviews with experienced recruiters
  • Verified references
  • Skill testing
  • OSHA safety training


Our company is built by a network of employees who know and love their specific trades. Our goal is to keep all of our employees working full time. We do this by building relationships with qualified contractors and tradesmen who share our work ethic and commitment to safety.

We encourage employees to take advantage of various continuing education programs. We firmly believe in sharing in our success with our employees, and we offer and industry-leading benefits package that includes:

  • Paid time off